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Chemical name: Silicon dioxide (Amorphous silicon dioxide); E551

Trade name: Amosil 220

Precipitated amorphous active silica with a specific surface area and a specific particle size, of the polishing-thickening type with a high degree of purity, aggregation in the micrometric range, with a refractive index favorable for obtaining a translucent toothpaste.


It is used as a carrier, an anti-caking agent, in the production of antibiotics, and in cosmetics as a thickener in toothpaste and creams.

In the feed industry, it is used as a feed ingredient for the production of food pellets, which are part of feed for broiler chickens and laying chickens in the EU.

In the food industry - Food additive E 551 (Amosil 220, amorphous silicon dioxide) is mainly used as an anti-caking agent and a means to prevent the formation of lumps.

It is included in the composition of spices, packaged fruits, powdered dry products, salt, sugar, chips, crackers and as an antifoam and anti-clouding agent in the production of beer and wine. Amorphous silica is a white powder. It has no characteristic taste and smell. Under normal conditions, the substance has good solubility in hydrofluoric acid, it does not dissolve in water and ethanol.

In nature, silicon dioxide is found in kytite, cristobalite, coesite, in the minerals quartz, tridymite.

CAS №7631-86-9

Specification limits
Standard/calculation methods
Dry silica
Not less than 96%
DIN 55921
Moisture, 105°C
6,0 max
ISO 787/2
pH, 5% suspension
6,0 – 7,5
ISO 787/9
Oil absorption with glycerin g/g
4,5 min
ISO 787/5
Losses on heating, % at 1000°C
7,0 max
DIN 53580 (1968)

Main features, based on periodic testing

Specific surface area, m2/g
220 min

Standard packaging

Bags, kg net
Pallets, kg net

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REACH No 01-2119379499-16-0382

Р№ 24600066

Type of feed: feed additive (when applicable)

Product name - Silicon dioxide - Amosil 220;

Silica content ≥ 96%

Shelf life: 36 months

Designation of lot: Part. №

Date of manufacture:

Mass - Net: 20±0.2kg


In original, well-sealed packaging.

In dry and ventilated rooms.